You are aged between 8 - 16 years and thinking of travelling abroad to improve your English and take part in a multitude of enriching activities ? 

CAESA MENA Student agency is partner to dozens of English Language schools worldwide and will offer you the choice to learn English in some of the most historical and culturally-rich cities. The minimum number of English lessons you will have is of 15 hours per week. You can of course choose a more intensive English course and this will depend on your objectives as an English Language learner. The numbers of weeks of study vary from 2 - 52 weeks. Most Junior students, however, will tend to choose 2 weeks during the high season of the summer. Booking in advance can not only give you sufficient time to confirm your place but also give you the time to apply for a visa in case you will need one. It is highly recommended for junior students to make their bookings prior to the month of May if they intend on travelling end of June or July. Most English Language schools abroad will offer you the opportunity to enhance your speaking immensely whilst boosting your self-confidence through interactive group activities. Regardless of the duration of your course or your chosen destination - applying to study English abroad in summer holiday will be one of the most enriching and unforgettable experiences. 

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