Why you should learn English too?

As of 2016, over 400 million people spoke English as their first language and over 1,1 billion spoke it as a second language. There is, therefore, no doubt that being fluent in English can most certainly help you engage in an infinite number of opportunities whether you are a student or a professional looking to thrive within today's competitive, English-run and globalised environment. The fact of the matter is that despite the growth of various sectors and other languages, English is the leading language in a wide range of sectors including: Media, Cinema and Recording industry, Modern Pop Music and Show Business, Mass Tourism, Science and Techonology, Tertiary Education and Research etc.


Why study English abroad? 

Studying English abroad particularly in a country where English is the native language will offer any individual, student or professional and independent of their age, an opportunity to boost their confidence as a learner of English as a Second Language and this during the entire duration of their stay abroad. At CAESA MENA Student Agency, we have dedicated an entire team to help you find the most suitable course in the city you find the most attractive thanks to the help and collaboration of dozens of fully accredited English Language schools we have meticulously chosen to work with.Our bespoke enrollment service into an English Language Course abroad will allow you to plan your course according to your personal or academic needs. Our certified counsellors are happy to meet you in-person at our office in Casablanca, Morocco or discuss your request by e-mail or by telephone. 


Why apply through CAESA MENA Student Agency ? 

  1. We will send you an offer within 2-3 business days! 
  2. We will negotiate a discount before you even ask for it! 
  3. We are readily available to answer any of your questions 7days/week and 24H/24! 
  4. We are happy to defend your interest first and this from arrival to departure! 
  5. Knowing you had the most enriching experience learning abroad is our biggest satisfaction! 


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