CAESA MENA Student Agency, based in Casablanca (Morocco), provides students with up-to-date advice and support for their student visa applications. Applying for your student visa is the final and sometimes most challenging step to securing your safe arrival to your chosen study destination. Every year and needless to say, the process of securing your student visa to overseas countries becomes more and more difficult. At CAESA MENA, we understand that it can be often difficul for students to prepare for their student visa and ensure its success whilst having other very important objectives in mind such as their final exams, etc. Our student agency assists students with the following student visas : 

Types of Visas relating to Education and Research in the United Kingdom: 

Short-Term Student Visa (6 months or 11 months): If you are looking to study an English Language course or a training course or a research course for more than 30 days in the United Kingdom, you will need to apply for a Short Term Student visa of either 6 months or 11 months depending on the duration of your course. To succesfully apply for your Short-term student visa to the UK, you will need : (1) an unconditional acceptance from the school, (2) have enough funds in your financial account or that of your legal guardian to prove that you are able to cover your travel expenses and to support yourself during the entire duration of your planned stay in the United Kingdom, (3) and if you are under 18 years, you will also need to have parental consent to travel unaccompanied to the UK and have made arrangements for your stay. The education provider you will have obtained an offer from must hold one of the following licences or accrediations: Tier 4 Sponsor License, Accreditation Body for Language Services, Accreditation Service for International Colleges, Accreditation UK, Bridge Schools Inspectorate, British Accreditation Council, Education and Training Inspectorate (in Northern Ireland), Estyn (in Wales), Higher Education Funding Council for England, HM Inspectorate of Education (in Scotland), Independent Schools Inspectorate, Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted), Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, Schools Inspection Service. 



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