Summer learning, mixed with some fun and adventure, can have a positive impact on a student's academic year.   CAESA MENA offers placement into academic and non-academic summer programmes with our partners and various universities and boarding schools. Student will have a secure environment in which to learn and meet new friends.

Students can benefit from the following programmes:


Careers in Medicine:  Whether you want to become a nurse, doctor or technician, spending a summer learning the various fields of medicines will enhance your education.  This programme provides a laboratory and forensics workshop as well as presentations from medical professionals.  Certainly, a great learning experience.

Oxbridge: This programme sets the bar for academic excellence.  It is a prerequisite for any student with aspirations of studying at Oxford or Cambridge University.

STEM: STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  It is an internationally-recognised programme  providing students with ways to analyse and solve complex problems with the four fields of study. 

Bloomberg Business Advantage:  CAESA MENA partners with the only Bloomberg Business Lab in the UK.  By entering this 8-week programme, the student will work on a Bloomberg Business Terminal and obtain the Bloomberg Business Concept Certification. 

Intensive English: With 400 million native english-speakers in the world, becoming functionally fluent in English is empowering.  By registering in this intensive study program and living in the UK, you can join the millions of anglophones and pursue excellence in the English language.



Perfoming Arts: Dance, Painting, Acting, Musical Theatre. Coding Camp; Fashion Styling, Graphics & Illustration, Portfolio Preparation, Animation. 

Sports: Football, Golf, Equestrian, Rowing, Basktetball, Water Sports

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