Do I need an Art and Design Portfolio Preparation course? 

Any student looking to study the following courses will need to have an attractive, dynamic and diverse Art and Design portfolio to showcase their talent to their prospective schools. What art and design schools are looking for are not photographs of your finished pieces but a well-documented portfolio telling a story - through sketches, ideas, research, drawings, models, paintings etc. Most students who do not take an Art course as part of their high school curriculum, will need extra help designing their Art Portfolio.  

At CAESA MENA Student Agency, we have carefully designed an Art and Design Portfolio Preparation course to help you reveal your artistic and intellectual abilities through this element that is crucial to programmes such as: Architecture, Interior Architecture/ Interior Design/ Spatial Design, Fashion Design, Textile Design, Product Design, Jewellery Design, Industrial Design, Fine Art, Communication Design and many others. 

At CAESA MENA Student Agency, we propose Art and Design Portfolio Preparation Short courses throughout the year for artists and designers with different levels and ambitions. We first start off by identifying your artistic creativity and your aspirations as an artist. Throughout the classes, you will be guided by our experienced team of Artists and Designers who will offer you bespoke support and advice and propose ways by which you can develop your portfolio. Through your classes, you will be given the opportunity to develop your Art and Design English vocabulary which you will need during your applications and interviews. 

The Art and Design Portfolio preparation course, regardless of the type or the number of weeks you will have chosen, will enrich your knowledge and awareness of the creative process and help you achieve an attractive and well presented selection of work that you can present to your dream schools.




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