At CAESA MENA Student Agency, our team of highly qualified advisors is happy to guide you with every step of obtaining an offer from your dream University. Our direct university partnerships and the years of experience our advisors hold both will guarantee you a smooth application process. Whether you are planning to study Architecture and need help understanding the entry requirements or how to present your Design portfolio or planning on applying to a Law degree and not sure if you will need to pass the LNAT test, our dedicated team takes your academic dream to study abroad very seriously!

We organise multiple meetings with you (virtually if need be) to discuss your personal statement, review your academic documents, book you in for the right English Proficiency exam, discuss fees and bursaries - essentially -  cover ALL the necessary information with you - in order to move forward with your project of studying abroad and settling in abroad, as an overseas student, in the best conditions possible. 

We offer university admissions service for the following programmes : 

  1. International Foundation Programmes (All types) 
  2. Year 1 Direct Entry Level (for international candidate holding a Secondary Baccalaureate diploma approved by overseas Universities)
  3. Year 2 Direct Entry level (for international candidates with the academic experience equivalent to Year 2 entry)
  4. Year 3 Direct Entry level (all sometimes known as the Bachelor Top-Up)
  5. Pre-Master's or Graduate Programmes for International students holding a Bachelor's degree from their home country and who require extra preparation before starting a Master's degree 
  6. Master's degree ( All types including MBA's ) 

Why international students choose CAESA MENA Student Agency to obtain their University offer? 

  1. A fast and reactive team on hand to discuss your case 7days/week even on bank holidays!
  2. Partnerships with over 150 Universities worldwide in +20 countries.
  3. CAESA MENA exclusively works with Universities offering English-taught programmes.
  4. Certified advisors that attend weekly training to remain up-to-date with all the latest news relating to international students.
  5. Certified advisors speak over 4 languages including: Arabic, French, Spanish and English. 
  6. Certified advisors were themselves international students in the US and in the UK and you are therefore also rely on their personal experience abroad.
  7. We value every student and do our best to help you make your dream a reality. 
  8. We defend your interests first before and post arrival whenever need be.
  9. If you happen not to get accepted to your dream University, we will propose alternative plan B that you will be satisfied with. 
  10. Your success is OUR SUCCESS!

150 Universités partenaires dans le monde dans plus de 20 pays!

4500 Choix de programmes d'études de 2ème et 3ème cycles!

100 Écoles d'anglais partenaires dans le monde!

100 Demandes de visa réussies

1ère Agence , Bureau au Maroc Spécialisée dans les Études Anglo-saxonnes à l'Étranger!