Publié le 14/11/2019

Hello all !

To all students interested in studying in the UK, below are the full details of the Study UK Exhibition Fair taking place the 15th and 17th of January in Morocco. 

On the 15th of January, the fair will be taking place in RABAT following the details below: 

Tour Hassan Hotel: 26, Rue Chellah BP 14. Rabat - Maroc (Tel. no +212 537 23 90 67 / + 212 661 57 26 22)  - Opening times: 1pm, closing time: 7pm 

On the 17th of January, the fair will be taking place in CASABLANCA following the details below: 

Hyatt Regency Hotel: Place des Nations Unies, Casablanca 20000, Maroc (Tel. no: +212 522 43 12 16) - Opening times: 1pm, closing time: 7pm 

Advice for students attending the fair: Write down all your questions on a piece of paper and have them ready to ask the different representatives attending the fair. Attending with your parents or legal guardian can be a great advantage as they will have questions you might forget asking. Most representatives will be offering you their brochures to take home with you so have a bag on hand where you can place the brochures. 

To apply to any of the Universities attending the British Council fair, contact CAESA MENA Student Agency and we will be happy to assist you free of charge. 

1ère Agence , Bureau au Maroc Spécialisée dans les Études Anglo-saxonnes à l'Étranger!