Enrolling in an Overseas International Boarding School Abroad 


Attending an international boarding school away from home is a unique opportunity for any international student aspiring to progress to a world class University. For many reasons, parents have understood the multiple advantages their child(ren) can benefit from by attending an international boarding school overseas. At CAESA MENA Student Agency, we are happy to help families find the right International boarding school for their child(ren) in the United Kingdom or in the United States to study either the IB programme (International Baccalaureate) or the A-Level programme (Advanced Level Programme).  At CAESA MENA Student Agency, we believe that every child is a unique. Hence, we aim at protecting our guidance and counselling service for minors designed meticulously by our team of certified advisors. 


Our agency’s services go beyond obtaining an admission offer from an Elite international boarding school. Our primordial duty to both the child(ren) and their parents or legal guardians is to maintain an active three-way communication model between the students, their parents and the boarding school.  As such, the student’s academic progress and any concerns or matters raised by any party are shared between the three parties early enough to prevent any situation, big or small, from escalating to undesired stages. 


Advantages of enrolling your child(ren) in an International boarding school: 


1 - Students gain confidence and independence.


Although the first impression of sending your child(ren) to study abroad at an early age may seem scary, the entire team of any of our partner boarding schools make it their number 1 priority to make every student feel welcome upon their arrival. With time students develop their personalities, confidence levels and gain independence skills which they learn to harness from a very young age and carry with them to their adult age. 


2- Students receive the best help and advice possible.

Whether students need life advice or need to meet with their college counsellor to discuss their applications to their chosen universities, help and advice will always be on hand. This is one of the unique invaluable assets an international boarding school will offer your child(ren) - an undivided attention and solid support to help them go about their daily life smoothly and progress to the university suitable for them. 


3- Students receive a first class education - a lifelong asset. 

At an international boarding school, students receive a first class education with expert guidance from highly experienced teachers that help them throughout their secondary education. At CAESA MENA Student agency, our advisors will help you choose between an International boarding school offering the International Baccalaureate or the  A-level programme and understand the differences between studying in the UK and the US. 


4- An enriching and unforgettable experience.

At an international boarding school, students can choose from a wide range of enrichment extracurricular activities which will, apart from providing students with a dynamic range of subjects to explore, essentially strengthen their university application as they will be mentioned in their Personal Statement/College Essay. 


5 - Make friends with students coming from +75 nationalities. 

During their time at an International boarding school, students will develop lifelong friendships expanding their network of contacts essentially made up of an ambitious cohort of international students. All of our partner International boarding schools offer a safe environment where students can thrive academically, culturally and socially.